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Order Central automatically accepts BPO & Appraisal orders from top national vendors. [watch video]

A free 7-day trial of Order Central is available for download. To participate, simply fill out the registration form that is labeled, 'Order Central Download' on this page and click "Download Now!" to get started with your free trial.

This revolutionary software product is now available as a monthly subscription for $49 a month + usage fees.

Compatible Companies

  • AppraisalPort (beta)
  • Axios Appraisals
  • eMortgage Logic
  • Equi-Trax
  • Equity Pointe
  • iMortgage Services
  • InspectionPort (beta)
  • ISGN (Fiserv)
  • Mainstreet
  • Mark to Market
  • Ocwen/Altisource
  • Ocwen/Altisource Appraisals
  • Old Republic
  • PCV Murcor
  • ProTeck
  • ProTeck Appraisals
  • Specialized Asset Mgmt
  • Valuation Partners

We are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by any of the above listed compatible companies.

Not all companies allow auto-acceptance on their networks. Please know your provider policies. By downloading Order Central, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Key Software Features

Best-of-Breed Design: Order Central is the successor to the venerable AutoAccepter2, which captured over $8.3 million dollars in Broadcast BPO and Appraisal orders over a 12 month period.

Universal Acceptance: Auto-Accept & Auto-Notify for BPO and Appraisal orders in a single application. All tasks are distributed via secure automated download, and available immediately when published or updated.

User-Adjustable Scheduling: Run what, when, and as fast as you want. Set specific start & stop times for each and determine how often Order Central checks for orders as well as maximum daily limits.

Check Unlimited Accounts: Order Central has no limit on the number of tasks you can run simultaneously, and all company tasks are available as soon as published. For stability reasons, OC does not allow you to check more than 1 login for each company, however.

Remote Monitoring: Order Central features web-based remote monitoring to allow clients to view orders captured from any location using a standard web-browser (either desktop, iPhone, or Android).

Email Notification: Order Central features email notification for orders captured. This optional feature sends a message about every order captured to the email address of your choice, or to multiple email addresses separated by commas. It can also be turned off for users not requiring email notification.

Order Filtering: Order Central allows the user to specify which orders to accept by ZIP code and payout value, and allows you to accept orders at a specific value, above or below it, or within a range of values. Filter by value (above $30) or between two values ( $30 - $45).

Order Verification: All captured orders are verified for accuracy and stored with street address, capture date & time, company name, payout value, due-dates, and other data.

Address Mapping: Captured orders are displayed with detailed order information, including links to automated maps & market information to assist agents in trip-planning to visit locations.

Personalized Statistics: Users can filter network statistics to display either on a national or personal level, as well as drill-down to determine important locations for valuations by state, county, city, and ZIP code.

Transparent Windows: This useful visual feature allows you to make company task windows partially transparent, assisting you with visually monitoring the application if desired. It is available only on Windows 7 PC’s.

Audio Notification: This feature uses speech synthesis to give you an audible notification of order availability.

Login Failure Detection: Order Central automatically checks company logins & passwords, and automatically detects login failures that result from changed passwords or website outages.

Increased Stability & Reliability: Order Central has replaced the iMacros Browser with a faster, more reliable alternative developed by the BPO Automation Group specifically for the high-availability requirements of automated order-acceptance systems.

Concurrent Task Limiting: Enhancements to system stability & security prevents users from checking more than 1 account per each company on the same machine, which eliminates issues with website cookies interfering with user logins.

System Requirements

Order Central needs a PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 with at least 1 gigabyte of RAM and 1 ghz or faster CPU. We require high-speed internet, so check your bandwidth. We currently don't support Apple.

Order Central does not require using a standalone PC, will work fine on most wi-fi wireless internet connections, and is fully compatible with all major brands of antivirus software.


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