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The BPO Automation Suite Pro automatically completes hundreds of web-based BPO forms at the touch of a button. [watch video]

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When you subscribe to our software it comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. (Full refund, minus the $99.00 setup fee.)

Enhanced Plus AutoFill Software


AutoFill Your BPO Forms in 5 Minutes!

It is possible to do the data-entry part of your BPO forms in 5 minutes, with our Enhanced Plus AutoFill software. This revolutionary edition of our AutoFill software product is available as a low-monthly subscription. Our Enhanced Plus software starts at $108 a month, plus a $49 MLS setup fee (per MLS account) and a $99.00 fee for a 1-hour training and setup session.

Please note: Within the monthly subscription price for any of our Enhanced Plus AutoFill software subscription products you will get 10 Enhanced Plus forms of your choice. Any form after the first 10 that come with your monthly subscription fee will be offered at a cost of $49.00 per form as a one-time fee (per form) or you can upgrade to our Unlimited plan.

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Compatible Companies

We support BPO form AutoFill for over 60+ top BPO providers, including the national providers listed below. [View our complete list of forms]

  • Altisource
  • AMN Forms
  • Asset Valuations (AVM)
  • Assurant Valuations (EML)
  • Aspen Grove (fka: PASREO)
  • BPO Fulfillment (Mainstreet)
  • Clear Capital
  • Computershare (fka: SAM)
  • CoreLogic Val. (fka: Rels/VSS)
  • Equator
  • Fannie Mae AMN
  • First American AMP
  • Goodman Dean
  • InspectionPort
  • MCS Valuations (fka CoreLogic)
  • Old Republic
  • PCV Murcor
  • ProTeck
  • Pyramid REO
  • ResNet
  • RRReview
  • ServiceLink
  • Single Source Property Solutions
  • Solidifi (M2M)
  • SWBC (fka: Equi-Trax)
  • Valuation Partners
  • Xome (Solutionstar)
  • Many more...


Please note: we are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by any of the above listed compatible companies.

Compatible Multiple Listing Services

Custom Export: As a service to our customers we set up their MLS account with a custom export feature during their 60-minute setup session with our installer.

We support over 325+ National MLS providers all across the United States, including the list of the MLS software providers below:

  • calREDD
  • ConnectMLS
  • FlexMLS
  • Fusion
  • ListIT
  • Innovia
  • Matrix
  • Metrolist
  • MLXchange
  • Navica
  • Paragon
  • Rapattoni
  • ReInsight
  • REXplorer & REXplorer2
  • Solid Earth
  • Stratus
  • Tempo
  • TheMLS
  • TrendMLS
  • Many more....just ask us!


Disclosures: Our software does not rely on a RETS or IDX feed from the real estate professionals MLS. Therefore, our custom export setup does not require any direct involvement with the MLS or needing to pay any extra third-party fees.

We are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by any of the above listed compatible MLS providers.

Key Software Features

Best-of-Breed Design: The BPO Automation Suite Pro maximizes your speed, productivity, and accuracy by automatically filling in BPO forms with your sold, list, and subject comp data.

Error Correction: Automatically fix typos and formatting mistakes with a built-in 40-point quality-assurance algorithm to correct common data errors.

Instant Form Access: The integrated SyncTool gives you on-demand access to over 140+ Enhanced Plus macros for over 40+ Top BPO, REO and Asset Management companies, along with instant access to new and updated forms as they arrive.

Enhanced Plus Defaults: Automate up to 90% of most form data by allowing you to you choose exactly how you want your form fields filled out. In total, nearly 120+ different data fields will be filled out when you use the Enhanced Plus AutoFill software. Plus, it helps you AutoFill most BPO forms in 5 minutes.

Personalized Defaults: This Add-on allows you to create and store re-usable comments that are automatically applied to new BPO's. It automatically fills out 30 more data-fields & in combination with using the Enhanced Plus AutoFill software, it makes completing web-based BPO forms faster than ever!

BPO Education: Our customers enjoy exclusive access to our 'BPO Inner Circle' virtual coaching platform for free. Within the platform you can take our popular "Broker Price Opinion Basics 101" video course as well as learn about how to best complete your BPO orders, how to grow your team and much more!

BPO Payment Log: The integrated BPO Payment Log is a detailed Excel spreadsheet that lets you track and organize your BPO orders. It automatically calculates per-order and accrued payout values, as well as automatically calculating revenue minus expenses month-by-month.

BPO Companies List: The BPO National Database contains comprehensive BPO & REO company information for over 200 top national providers. It includes advanced sort & filter capabilities that allow agents greater flexibility in grouping company data, and is intended to assist new agents with the registration process, as well as provide agents of any tenure with fingertip access to valuable company data.

System Requirements

BPO Automation Suite Pro needs a PC running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 with at least 1 gigabyte of RAM and 1 ghz or faster CPU. Our product may work on an Apple based PC that also has a Windows parallel environment. Our system is not compatible with any type of tablets.

It is fully compatible with all major brands of anti-virus software.


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