Vera Hanck

“I love this program, it makes it so easy to do a BPO. Thank you for making life easier for us who does BPO's.”

Colleen Weissman

“Best company! Polite caring staff, their concern is your business no matter the day or time!! They get 10 Stars!!!”

Kathleen Dugan

“They are awesome! They are so patient and helpful even on weekends. The software is the best, I would recommend it to do BPO s fast and efficient and it just gets better with every update. The monthly fee is very reasonable, I priced around! It’s easy to use too. I highly recommend this company they are providing a great service and you will find doing BPO s much faster and easier and can build a good business on the side of selling real estate.”

Joseph Kaplan

“I've been a satisfied customer for eight years. They have an excellent product that they continually work to make better. I couldn't do my work without them.”

Robert Hernandez

I don't know what I would do without the software. Support is also top notch. The owner will step in if needed to help.

Philip Donnellan

Great product if you're in the BPO/REO business. Professional support and great customer service.

Stephen Matthews

BPO Automation has saved me HUNDREDS of hours of needless keying in of data and allowed me to comfortably increase the number of BPO's I can handle. Time = $$$ They are also super friendly and respond to requests in a very timely manner. Highly recommend.

Colin H.

The support team has been very responsive and have done a great job in addressing my technical issues, even after hours. I appreciate everyone's efforts in getting my service up and running. This is so much better than the "competition!

Sonia Tonia

“OMGOODNESS! I just did a BPO for InspectionPort that normally takes 1 1/2 hour..... it took me 15 minutes!! Thank you! 15 BPO's in two hours=$750, I think that says it all!!!!!! Using this system has upped my pay check $2k more every 2 weeks, love this system!!”

Lorraine D.

I Love, Love, Love BPO Automation!!!!!!! They have saved me time and frustration and most of all, allowed me to earn an income especially when the market is slow and properties are taking a lot longer to go off the market.