Robert Cullen

In 2009, when REO was going into the closet I didn’t want to go back into the “Regular” Real Estate Market. I had already been doing BPO’s so it wasn’t anything new. However, the systems changed and we didn’t have to do BPO’s by hand anymore. I found it cumbersome entering data by hand especially since we used to write them out by hand previously and faster.

I first started with a competitor company and did BPO’s in a fraction of the time and tried to remain loyal to that company. The biggest issue was the small amount of data that filled and keeping up with all the changes that our Local MLS was going thru. My down time was bothering me while waiting for someone to get back to me about it also. I finally decided to try BPO Automation. All I can say was WOW!

Nicole and her crew is fantastic to work with and I was amazed at the difference in the time it took me to complete them. Their (BPOA) response time has also been wonderful while going thru new changes our MLS has implemented. This has reduced my downtime immensely and my productivity has remained higher than ever.

Nicole and her crew have helped me to maintain a steady income level for the last few years. I guess there is life after REO.