Stephen Bernardo

Hi my name is Stephen Bernardo, Broker / Owner of S + J Property Management Corp. I was the 1st agent in New York to do a BPO. 400,000+ BPO’s and 20 years later, I have the pleasure of using an AutoFill system created by Nicole Ocean. The program has cut the time of filling out BPO’s from 25 minutes to 8 minutes. Her product is the BEST OUT THERE TODAY as I have seen it all over 20 years. Nicole’s AutoFill eliminates typos and make the turn around time for BPO products immediate which the clients appreciates. All the agents who benefit from using her product will become the Premier Agents in this industry. Clients want to work with agents that are credible and turn around time are key. Thanks again for helping me enjoy life now as your program has given me time to enjoy life + family and enjoy a great income.