Before I subscribed to your service I was averaging 28 BPO's per month. When I started using the software I was accepting as many as I could and then found the "learning curve". I got thru that, as you can see from my NOT contacting you for a while. Well, now I have been averaging 83 BPO's per month while using BPO Automation. I want to thank you for the "Bump" in income. My next process is trying to cut down on my timing per unit to increase my productivity some more. Thanks Again!

Jennifer C.

I have been using the BPO Automation program for about 3 years now  and I'm a very happy customer. The program is easy to learn and use and saves so much time. I would say it cuts my time by AT LEAST 80% across the board on every company I work with, some more then that. Nicole and Jennifer and the whole BPO Automation staff are super friendly and  always helpful. I would definitely suggest this product if you are involved in BPO's and CMA's.

Arun Araya

I do a lot of BPO's for the last 5 years or so, and BPO Automation is the software to go to. Since it has helped me save hundreds of hours in filling out the data automatically.

Jo Hyatt

This company is great to work with. They have been very helpful when there was an issue with the software. The staff is always pleasant and hands on when you need something. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this type of service.

Terrance Blakemore

I have worked for years with BPO Automation with the Auto Accept program with great success.  I no longer need Auto Accept, but recently got set up with AutoFill and I love it.  It is the cheapest possible "employee" you can find, always on time, always in a good mood.  Seriously, love the program and have ha a great experience with the BPO Automation Group.

Frank Bell

If you are doing BPO's for any length of time, you have to have an automatic system to complete these BPO's. BPO Automation Group is THAT system. It's very easy to use; they employ friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff and I highly recommend them.

Robert Cullen

In 2009, when REO was going into the closet I didn't want to go back into the "Regular" Real Estate Market. I had already been doing BPO's so it wasn't anything new. However, the systems changed and we didn't have to do BPO's by hand anymore. I found it cumbersome entering data by hand especially since we used to write them out by hand previously and faster.

I first started with a competitor company and did BPO's in a fraction of the time and tried to remain loyal to that company. The biggest issue was the small amount of data that filled and keeping up with all the changes that our Local MLS was going thru. My down time was bothering me while waiting for someone to get back to me about it also. I finally decided to try BPO Automation. All I can say was WOW!

Nicole and her crew is fantastic to work with and I was amazed at the difference in the time it took me to complete them. Their (BPOA) response time has also been wonderful while going thru new changes our MLS has implemented. This has reduced my downtime immensely and my productivity has remained higher than ever.

Nicole and her crew have helped me to maintain a steady income level for the last few years. I guess there is life after REO.

Stephen Bernardo

Hi my name is Stephen Bernardo, Broker / Owner of S + J Property Management Corp. I was the 1st agent in New York to do a BPO. 400,000+ BPO's and 20 years later, I have the pleasure of using an AutoFill system created by Nicole Ocean. The program has cut the time of filling out BPO's from 25 minutes to 8 minutes. Her product is the BEST OUT THERE TODAY as I have seen it all over 20 years. Nicole's AutoFill eliminates typos and make the turn around time for BPO products immediate which the clients appreciates. All the agents who benefit from using her product will become the Premier Agents in this industry. Clients want to work with agents that are credible and turn around time are key. Thanks again for helping me enjoy life now as your program has given me time to enjoy life + family and enjoy a great income.

Laurie Fitzpatrick

I looked back today to see how long I had been using BPO Automation to quickly fill my forms and was surprised to see it has been 6 years!  Over the years they have always strived to keep up with and ahead of the ever changing forms in the BPO industry. Even when problems arose with certain companies not wanting their forms to be auto filled, Nicole worked tirelessly to solve the issue and provide the best forms and support available.

By using the AutoFill platform all these years I have been able to avoid hiring an assistant and kept more of my hard earned money in my pocket. Their support is always available and are always quick to respond to any of my needs. Nicole you truly have a great crew! Thank you for being such a great support in my business!

Steve Chewens

In June 2015, a colleague of mine had asked me if I was having trouble with my BPO software. I replied to him I don't know what you are talking about. So after a short conversation I did some research and came across BPO Automation. What a great piece of software!

I have increased the amount of BPO's I was doing each month with this software.

It is very easy to use and they cover a lot of companies with each of their different forms. I can't say enough about them, their customer service is outstanding and very knowledgeable. They spend time with you and train you on how to use software; if something comes up they are there for you one on one until the problem is solved.

I only had a couple of things that have come up but it was updates on my computer that disrupted the software. If you do any kind of BPO work I would highly recommend this software. It will save you a lot of time.