Kathleen Dugan

“They are awesome! They are so patient and helpful even on weekends. The software is the best, I would recommend it to do BPO s fast and efficient and it just gets better with every update. The monthly fee is very reasonable, I priced around! It’s easy to use too. I highly recommend this company they are providing a great service and you will find doing BPO s much faster and easier and can build a good business on the side of selling real estate.”

Joseph Kaplan

“I've been a satisfied customer for eight years. They have an excellent product that they continually work to make better. I couldn't do my work without them.”

Sonia Tonia

“OMGOODNESS! I just did a BPO for InspectionPort that normally takes 1 1/2 hour..... it took me 15 minutes!! Thank you! 15 BPO's in two hours=$750, I think that says it all!!!!!! Using this system has upped my pay check $2k more every 2 weeks, love this system!!”

John Sliman

“This company will help you make money and they cannot help you enough to be successful. Nicole and her staff are just great with great products. I had a question about my software and the staff was on it within an hour or less. Great job thanks Plus, they are always coming up with new and improved programs to assist you with your business.”

Robert Robbins

“Best product I have found to save the time of typing data in BPO's. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Tech support and training is provided in easy to understand terms, and the call isn't from outside of the US. They are great!”

Stephen Harper

“I have been with them for years now. I can say without reservation this is the best software for BPO's I've used yet. The systems they have in place for tech tickets are superb and responsive. Professional and always looking for that extra 'umph' to give. I'm glad I found out about them from a mutual friend. Thanks, Nicole. Keep it up.”

Cindy Spoo

“BPO automation has "automated" my business by allowing me to take on more companies through their extensive database and their "readiness" to help with almost all reports that are known to each company for me to be efficient and not have to overwork my data entry since it is automated for me for the most part.

I left a review back in January 2016 regarding BPO Automation services and I can now testify to a greater degree that this service is absolutely worth having in your arsenal. I perform about 25-50 BPO's per week and could never do that volume on my own!!! Thank you Nicole and crew...you rock!!!”

Christopher Gailey

“I have been a client of Nicole and her BPO Automation Group since 2008.  Prior to her innovation with the automation system it was painful to complete 20 BPO's a week due to the amount of manual inputting. Now with her automation I am able to complete 40-50 orders a week and still have a life. Thank you for the great service the past 7 years Nicole.”

Maria Center

“BPO automation has been an amazing resource for me through my many years as a BPO provider. I was one of Nicole’s first clients when she first discovered her great idea and I have used her automation through the years as she has worked to perfect it. I have recommended her system many times.  I think it is a must have for agents and brokers completing BPO's in order to maximize efficiency and minimize rejections and issues.”

Dana Yarborough

“I have been working with Nicole Ocean at BPO Automation Group for several years now and have enjoyed great success in using the automation software in my BPO business. Nicole stays on top of changes in the industry and has done an excellent job of adapting the BPO AutoFill software as needed to stay current and relevant.

In addition, the company Tech Support system is easy-to-use and staff responds in a timely manner to provide resolution to software issues and answer questions. The software is easy-to-use and the Group website (Member's site) is stable and secure and has rarely been offline in the past several years.

I look forward to a great working relationship for the next several years as the software has become a vital part of my business model. I highly recommend the BPO Automation Group and the products and services they provide for the industry.”